QuikTeks V4

  • 1367739444_clockTwo words…Fax Machines!  How are they still remotely relevant?
  • Got stuck in line behind a lady trying to pay for her already bought Groupon deal!  I think there should be some state administered exam people must pass prior to first purchasing a smartphone.  Nah that will never work; they’d make it a written exam and then fax the results to the wireless carrier of your choice who would charge you an administrative fee because you didn’t go paperless.
  • (Apple) I get the spirit of competition but not putting Google in your auto-correct dictionary?  I thought you prided yourself on making things just work.  Google is your default search engine (for now) so this makes no sense.
  • Why does my Walgreens app not recognize their own bar code nor their RX number I enter in its place but will send my Instagram photos to their 1 hour print lab effortlessly?
  • Why am I not asked anything when deleting something but am asked twice whether I want to resume viewing a video after I already selected ‘resume’? (Amazon Instant Video)
  • One word…Routers!
  • The problem with cable companies is they farm their equipment to the lowest bidder and we can’t do anything about it.  I’m on my fourth cable box (identical model, all hard drive failures); need I say more.

QuikTeks V3

  • 1367739444_clockHow about download codes to great kids apps instead of those pointless toys in Happy Meals.
  • I love asking people to fast forward during live tv when it gets to commercials.
  • Bing just added two dialects of Klingon to it’s translator (reH sucks Bing – translation Bing still sucks).
  • At what point will the web shift to a widescreen scaled format exclusively?
  • At least take me to the product’s page if I click on an ad for it!
  • Google+ just gained 41 new features making it unquestionably superior to Facebook but it doesn’t matter if none of my friends use it.
  • Best tech job – Google Trail View Trekker
  • When is the last time you used the actual Yellow Pages or White Pages for that matter?
  • Ultrabook™. Inspired by Intel. Besides a cheesy naming convention what on earth did Intel really inspire? (Propaganda)

QuikTeks V2

QuikTeks V1

  • 1367739444_clockNO I don’t want to go paperless, STOP ASKING!
  • Blackberry CEO says tablets will be useless in five years.  Still think Blackberry is relevant?
  • I would choose the Dark Side (Empire) because they had cooler tech (Death Star, AT AT)
  • When posting on Twitter don’t be lazy and give me a Facebook shortcut or vice versa.
  • Website surveys – 1st of all don’t ask for one while the site is still loading.
  • Microsoft, what was wrong with the start button to begin with?
  • Dell sucks.
  • Conan Rules (had to fit that one in somewhere).
  • Except for the phone and text apps, I don’t use a single native Apple app.  Why would you?
  • The Kindle just works (eInk version).
  • Never buy 1st generation.  Why?  Would you be the 1st ever to ride a brand new roller coaster?
  • Maybe I should throttle my payment (AT&T)?