About ILikeTek

ILikeTek is a site created to satisfy my itch to write about one of the things I’m most passionate about – Teknology– and to provide an easy to read layman’s perspective to things that too many blogs and tech sites manage to over complicate.  These posts are created for the impatient person in all of us who simply wants to know the best smartphone for them period without weeding through all the technical specifications and meaningless techno jargon.  If you can’t stand to be bothered by pesky website survey requests, or prefer devices/apps/software that’s good at one thing over those that pretend to be all things to all people then this is the site for you.  Content will ascribe to a simple “just do it, just buy it, or just stay away from it” philosophy.  Along the way I hope to opine in such a way as to solicit an I-know-what-you-mean smile from you.  It will be clean and to the point.  Ultimately, it’s my goal to help you to at least get a sense of what works best for you (hint, the most expensive gadget, app, or piece of software may not always be it).  So read on, enjoy, and above all you have my humble gratitude for checking out my site.  The only thing I ask is if you like or dislike, no matter, just please pass the word/link on.  Remember, The Force is not strong with everyone but at ILikeTek everyone gets to choose which side to join!

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