My Ideal Digital Father’s Day

IMG_1876I’d like to get a little bit personal here and share the events of one of the best Father’s Days I’ve ever had yesterday.  We live in a digital world, well I do anyways, and yesterday is a perfect example of how it suited me well.  Well mostly well as a bit of today’s technology was responsible for a tad rude start to the day.  I woke to the sound of an incessant beeping.  When pounding on my alarm clock didn’t stop it I realized it was coming from the kitchen and the wifey was not in bed.  After a couple of groggy calls to no avail I stumbled in to realize it was the digital timer on our oven that was sounding off letting me in on the surprise breakfast in bed.  I found my wife in the closet no doubt trying to stealthily put together a bag of goodies.  I let her know the cat was out of the bag and needed to get out of the oven as well or it would be overcooked and then I stumbled back to bed.  That was easily overshadowed when the wife and kiddo later appeared with breakfast and gifts.  The gifts were cleverly concealed in a Superman bag which was only too perfect for what was to come later.  Inside the bag was a great memento craft/gift they made, a new Logitech t400 Touch Zone mouse I craved for some time, and of a large jar of Reese’s Pieces:)  After consuming a yummy breakfast and showering I plugged in my mouse to my laptop and was awarded an effortless setup and a couple quick minutes to explore my new gadget while surfing the web.  Visits to FB and a few chimes on my phone would yield plenty of Father’s Day well wishes from many friends and family.  Thankfully a thoughtful cousin would mass text me and several of my other father friends.  I utilized the opportunity to succinctly perform the same well wishing task with a simple mass reply to all.   Soon I would be promptly instructed to get my shoes on because we were going to drop the kid off and catch a movie!

Remember the bag?  That’s right this is the opening weekend to Man Of Steel and my wife knows me best, though I must say I was a bit torn as I haven’t had a chance to see Internship yet.  Nevertheless despite not being able to resist the urge to read a couple bad reviews I was ready to take the plunge.  Come on it’s Superman after all!  BTW, DON’T listen to the reviews Superman is INSANELY good!  A quick check on my Fandango app would reveal that my local theater at least expected a good turnout for Man of Steel since there were showtimes every 30 minutes throughout the entire day.  Once arriving, I would of course check in to the movie on Foursquare and blast it out to brag to all my friends on all the usual social networking channels.  I planned ahead by including a pic I took of the Superman bag and gave it the filter effect via Instagram.  I would tag my wife so she would get props from all friends in her social feeds too.20130616-090136.jpg

Naturally my pocket would buzz throughout the movie as friends would one by one like or comment on my blatant attempt to get attention on my special day.  I would periodically sneak a peak at my phone’s lock screen when one time I noticed an abnormal email.  I would nudge my wife and show her my lock screen with a questioning frown.  Her face would quickly be overcome with a grin of recognition.  I would resist the urge to unlock the phone and be one of those people but it would bug me until the movie ended.

Once the movie was over I could finally retrieve my next digital treat which was actually two treats. They were nice and creative emails from my son (wife) via a Disney digital service.

photo061701 photo061702

 Lunch was my favorite Greek restaurant in the mall food court.  Bonus was the Instagram I posted of a thoughtful banner displayed in the food court showing support for the Oklahoma Tornado survivors (I live just a few miles from both recent EF5s).  IMG_2777After lunch we picked up the kid with just enough time to head home and put him down for a nap where I disappeared into my office to try out my mouse on the desktop.  At this point my cup is almost full.  It had been just a great day so far and pondering it gave birth to the idea for this post which I began writing.  Once I caught up to the point of writing about it I had to put it down so the rest of the story could still write itself.

I plopped down on my sofa where my wife graciously handed the remote over to me.  I pondered my next move which I decided there was only enough time left for a short show before waking the kid.  Besides that fat jar of Reese’s Pieces was calling my name and if the kid saw it I wouldn’t stand a chance of getting any.  If you’re like me then your DVR is still recovering from all the regular season television shows that ended in May.  Ours is in perpetual catch up mode.  We decided that today was a perfect day to sign off on our favorite show, The Office.  It was a disappointment and left us unsatisfied (that’s what she said) but it didn’t dim the day much.  The rest of my day would entail take out for dinner and then a few minutes on the front patio with my Kindle Touch and the latest greatest Cotton Malone (Steve Berry) adventure.  This was interrupted with a clap of thunder.  A quick check of my favorite radar app Hi-Def Radar and I decided I could squeeze a quick walk of the dog in.

After the walk I would finish up my day watching my kid perfect drifting on his hot wheels trike while I perfected the art of capturing it through my Vine app.  Shortly after my keen reminder from my favorite To Do app Any.Do reminded me it was time to call my dad.  After offering him well wishes it was bedtime where the wife would again be gracious and handle bath and bedtime duties with the kid while I vegged in front of the TV and watched 2006’s Superman Returns on cable.  Watching it made me realize Man Of Steel sorely lacked a good soundtrack complete with an easily recognizable Superman anthem.  Once over I would retire to bed with my cup running over.  Then lights out which in our house means to turn off our Kindles.  I wish I could DVR this Father’s Day and replay it over and over.

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