QuikTeks V3

  • 1367739444_clockHow about download codes to great kids apps instead of those pointless toys in Happy Meals.
  • I love asking people to fast forward during live tv when it gets to commercials.
  • Bing just added two dialects of Klingon to it’s translator (reH sucks Bing – translation Bing still sucks).
  • At what point will the web shift to a widescreen scaled format exclusively?
  • At least take me to the product’s page if I click on an ad for it!
  • Google+ just gained 41 new features making it unquestionably superior to Facebook but it doesn’t matter if none of my friends use it.
  • Best tech job – Google Trail View Trekker
  • When is the last time you used the actual Yellow Pages or White Pages for that matter?
  • Ultrabook™. Inspired by Intel. Besides a cheesy naming convention what on earth did Intel really inspire? (Propaganda)

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