QuikTeks V1

  • 1367739444_clockNO I don’t want to go paperless, STOP ASKING!
  • Blackberry CEO says tablets will be useless in five years.  Still think Blackberry is relevant?
  • I would choose the Dark Side (Empire) because they had cooler tech (Death Star, AT AT)
  • When posting on Twitter don’t be lazy and give me a Facebook shortcut or vice versa.
  • Website surveys – 1st of all don’t ask for one while the site is still loading.
  • Microsoft, what was wrong with the start button to begin with?
  • Dell sucks.
  • Conan Rules (had to fit that one in somewhere).
  • Except for the phone and text apps, I don’t use a single native Apple app.  Why would you?
  • The Kindle just works (eInk version).
  • Never buy 1st generation.  Why?  Would you be the 1st ever to ride a brand new roller coaster?
  • Maybe I should throttle my payment (AT&T)?

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